Film Extrusion & Converting

Rubber and Vinyl Calendering

Better Control of Basis Weight, Thickness and Product Quality through Precision Gauging

Calendering processes have distinct measurement and control requirements depending on the application. NDC offers a comprehensive range of solutions for the following calendering processes:

  • Adhesive calendering
  • Vinyl calendering
  • Rubber calendering

NDC’s web gauges for the calendering processes include:

  • Beta transmission
  • X-Ray transmission and backscatter
  • Gamma backscatter (GBS)
  • Laser

In addition, NDC offers an entire suite of machine direction and cross direction controls for your unique processing needs. Our web gauging systems provide time-critical information directly to operators, enabling them to manage their calendering operations effectively. NDC’s calendering solutions are designed to provide on-target average weight or thickness plus flat, high-quality products for higher productivity and profitability.

Check out our gauging solutions below.