Film Extrusion & Converting


Optimize Your Processes with NDC Gauging Solutions

With over 5000 gauges and 2000 web gauging systems installed in the converting processes, NDC has a unique understanding of these many applications and their web gauging requirements.

NDC is offers the widest range of web gauging and control technologies available in the business suitable for coat weight measurement, coating thickness measurement, lamination measurement and moisture measurement for converters. This ensures that each system is individually optimized to suit the product, the process and the operational needs of the customer.

NDC's paper, film and foil converting gauging technologies include:

  • NIR (Near Infra-Red) reflectance and transmission
  • Beta transmission
  • Gamma backscatter
  • X-Ray transmission and backscatter
  • Optical thickness measurement

Whatever your needs, an NDC system will provide outstanding returns on your investment and unrivalled robustness and reliability.

Check out our gauging solutions below.